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I have always trusted Vaseline for taking off my mascara and treating my sore nose or chapped lips, they have actually come out with a new formula Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serum with 10x’s the healing power that would work wonderfully for getting your feet ready for flip flops. There was also chocolate dipped rice krispie treats along with the cookies as well.So when I was asked to do a review on their new lotion line I was happy to give it a try! It came straight from Magnolia Bakery in New York City and was packaged together to match the branding of Vaseline’s new product line. 10 gourmet, chocolate dipped cookies to match the 10x’s moisturizing power. Let’s just say I had to hide the last few from the kids so that my husband would be able to try some when he got home.In 1993, as a member of the rap group Public Enemy, Flav was thrown into jail for 90 days after shooting at a neighbor during a crack-fueled bender.He checked himself into rehab soon after and has since seen a rise back in his fame from his VH1 reality dating show "Flavor of Love." Flav insists that he has been clean for years now. Tom Berg/NFLPhoto Library There are few players in the history of the NFL who struck as much fear in his opponents as Lawrence Taylor did during his prime as a member of the New York Giants back in the 80s.Typically spotted with their signature crazy eyes and blistering ashy lips, these drug addicts make ordering food at Mc Donald's a nightmare and harder than it really needs to be. While some of the world's greatest leaders never messed with the stuff, there is a group who have made their recovery into great success and fortune.

LT was a party animal and frequent abuser of drugs, including that crack!

There's nothing more frightening to see than a crackhead fresh off the pipe.

We've all encountered our fair share during our day. A select group of people have proven bouncing back from rock bottom is possible.

You may notice a theme that I have been concerned about lately…dry air!

I am now going to share with you how to heal cracked feet quickly because this is something I struggle with, mostly because I always run around barefoot and now that I am getting older I realize it has a major effect on my skin.

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