Updating a mac

It's slightly longer than we'd like and the simple slide action on some Android handsets is quicker.

If you get fed up of seeing a particular frame then you can easily close it by hitting the small cross in the bottom right corner and if you close all the panes you'll be taken by default to the first page in the app list until you open another.For additional information on this feature, refer to the “How to Automatically Upgrade the Configuration Manager Client for the Hierarchy” section of In addition to the above, future client installations using the Client Push method will apply the new patch automatically.The time frame for updating the client depends on the automatic client upgrade settings.Instead you' have to unlock the handset in the normal way and then slide into the Black Berry Hub.It's not a huge issue but it's something we'd like to see crop up in a future update as it will further enhance the fluidity of BB 10.

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