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When the girl has stilled Jezebel strokes the crop over her captive's neatly toned bottom and then uses the tip to lift the back of her knickers.

The captive brunette is dressed only in pale blue lingerie that is almost translucent, very lacy and exceedingly flattering on her slim tanned body with its large breasts.

If you're looking for the 2015 disaster film of the same name, go here.

As such, a remastered version was made for the IOS and Android systems, and later ported to the Xbox 360 (on October 26th, 2014, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game), and then the Play Station 3 on December 1st, 2015.

It is a distinctive face, striking and not unattractive despite its catalogue of abuses, the pale features are augmented by lips coated in blue paste and irises that are such a pale shade of blue as to be almost translucent.

Jackson) and Eddie Pulaski (Chris Penn) pick him up and frame him for the murder of Ralph Pendelbury, an internal affairs officer that they killed to cover up their corrupt dealings. There's also the mystery of the green roadster which performed the drive-by on Beverly Johnson, as well as corrupt elements within the GSF that want a slice of the burgeoning crack trade. Technically speaking, the sandbox play area for the game is actually much larger than , meanwhile, gave Las Venturas a cameo in one of its in-game TV commercials, suggesting it still exists and could someday be featured in another game, along with San Fierro.

Join Boot Girl as she battles Villainesses across the Harmony skyline, rescues damsels in distress and endures some pretty intense bondage...while trying to hold down her job and explore her submissive side.

'This is good stuff.' Jezebel takes a second sip of wine and settles back on the expensive white leather sofa crossing her legs on the back of the pretty and nearly naked brunette tied securely to the low table in front of her by lengths of soft silk rope. I'm sure you've earned a good few hours of pleasure tonight.'The brunette doesn't reply although this is perhaps because she is gagged, her soft lips, lightly dusted in pale pink muted gloss, stretched round a large blue rubber ball that is held in place by an exquisitely crafted leather harness buckled around her head; the harness also blindfolds her.'Of course there will have to be some pain, there always is with these things.

Setting her wine on the floor she picks up an expensive hand stitched riding crop that was lying on the sofa beside the head harness and coils of soft silk rope when she arrived and begins to stroke the helpless girl's bare feet.

The girl wriggles slightly but she lies across the table on her belly with her ankles bound tightly to her thighs and cannot prevent her captor from teasing the her soles.'I mean there was a time when pleasure was, well, physical pleasure; the stroke of a crop across bare flesh, the gentle tweak of a nipple... ' Jezebel leans forward stroking the girl's glossy hair with her free hand as if she is genuinely anxious she may be upsetting her captive.

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