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I’ve told you about my hand problems but I haven’t told you about the chaos that has ensued as a result of my visit to the GP.On presentation, she told me that I had a specific disease and that it was in no way related to my use of neat bleach on my hands when doing the cleaning.I score on a Friday and by last Thursday I was clean out, so I smoked from the stash.Last week, I bought three, stashed one and now, Wednesday afternoon, my hand is back in the pot. The time had come to get a cat flap, Ted’s nocturnal behaviour finally wore us down. By the time I arrived home, Colin had turned up in his old orange van.I buy three bags of weed a week, so I thought I would try and cut it down to two.In week one, doubtful of my success, I bought three and stashed one in a jar.

After setting up camp we took a short walk down to the nearby creek to take some photos of the amazing view of the stars that night.

After arriving in town, we parked at nearby trail head and began hiking a random trail.

With the cloud cover so low, we ended up having to turn back once visibility became too low.

At the same time I have been pre booked for work throughout the summer and things are better than they’ve been since before the country went broke.

In terms of the ’emotional guidance scale’, I am now above ‘boredom’, which is the realm of excitement and expectation and there are no lions on my path, only angels.

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