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The antidote to WWE’s bizarre brand of booking was actually to be found from within, however, as NXT branded itself as the home of some of the company’s best talents who, just as importantly, were given the time to tell stories while most of the main roster had to make do with a limerick.

Indeed, NXT was the group’s main producer of quality performances and logical character arcs, and such a philosophy benefited no-one more than Charlotte, who would prove to be not just one of the surprise packages in all of wrestling, but also one of WWE’s most consistent performers.

As a cheerleader, Fliehr was a national champion in 2000, at the age of 14, and was singled out as the MVP of the All-Star squad in the year that followed.

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Still no official word on the victim of the alleged domestic assault by strangulation and false imprisonment, but Latimer posted images on social media of himself with a girlfriend over the past few months, further reinforcing the notion that he and Charlotte, real name Ashley Fliehr, are no longer together.

As a member of the Mountaineers, she earned personal accolades in a feisty team that had a tough reputation.

“Ashley is an athletic player who can excel at multiple positions for us,” said her coach, Chad Callihan, when she signed up in 2005.

“She has played every front row position but her greatest strength may be her competitive desire.

She will push herself and this team to reach their potential.

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