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There was no knowing who these men manning the barricade really were.

Shots rang out from both sides in a firefight that resulted in one policeman being killed and three more being wounded.

Surely they could do the same for their own guys in Iraq, in 2005?

Captured by insurgents, banged up in a cell and physically beaten, they were under threat of summary execution.

Even worse, the message coming along the grapevine was that nothing much was being done by British forces in Basra to save them.

The SAS car roared away from the scene in clouds of dust, police vehicles hot on its tail. Their dog of a car was no match for the souped-up police vehicles.

The sergeant and lance-corporal just had time to radio in their position before skidding to a halt and getting out, hands in the air, hoping to talk their way out of trouble. They grabbed the British soldiers, hustled them into their vehicles and sped away.

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