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Even so, both screenplays make use of the tapes, conflating them with the letter, though to dramatically different ends.says exactly what material the FBI "included on the 'highlights' reel is specifically unknowable," but that both scripts take their own liberties with the truth."However, the tension between the priorities of acting on poverty versus voting was in my view very much a real one, not only then but now.

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"The encounter between King and Johnson as portrayed is evidently different from what transcripts say," he admits.

The report, dated March 12, 1968, explains in the introduction that it had been prepared to offer officials insights into King's 'views, goals, objectives, tactics and the reasons therefor'.

King was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968.'The course King chooses to follow at this critical time could have momentous impact on the future of race relations in the United States,' the introduction said.

"I acquired a pretty detailed understanding of what was on the surviving tapes," says Garrow. I never would have even mentioned them to Martin." He quotes one King staffer who said, "Had the man lived, the marriage wouldn't have survived — and everybody feels that way," and another staffer who said, "Coretta King was most certainly a widow long before Dr.

"It probably was King on the tape," says Chuck Fager, King's colleague and Selma jail cellmate. "I appreciated Du Vernay's willingness to raise the [sex tape] issue, and the scene felt emotionally authentic." Garrow notes that there is no record of Coretta ever confronting King, and quotes what she did say: "During our whole marriage we never had one single serious discussion about either of us being involved with another person. King died." King avoided his understandably angry wife and bedded many women instead.

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