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"We are called not only to a radical conversion of heart but a transformation of socially sinful structures as well." Dwell In My Love A Pastoral Letter on Racism by Francis Cardinal George, O. I.† Acknowledgements I am grateful to those who helped to research and write this Pastoral Letter in its various stages: Bishop Joseph N. I hope Catholics will be helped to put this teaching into practice in this local Church I serve as pastor. Examining Our Present Situation: How Do We Dwell Together?

The teaching on the sin of racism is integral to our faith and cannot be ignored. God, the Creator Jesus, the Lord The Holy Spirit 2.

What was worse, however, was that I could not sit with my friends anywhere on that bus.

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My parents permitted me to spend time with a Franciscan priest stationed in Tennessee, a priest who was not African American but who served black Catholics as their pastor.

M., Sheila Adams, Sheila Bourelly, Joan Neal, John Lukehart, Aurie Pennick, Terri Johnson and Clarence Wood.

Four Types of Racism: Spatial, Institutional, Internalized and Individual 3.

Before continuing with this letter, I would encourage each reader to ask when he or she first became aware of racial difference and of how they reacted to it.

A Chicago businesswoman told me once, as a simple matter of fact, that she never wakes up in the morning without realizing immediately that she is a black woman.

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