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We are often The Singles: one monolithic block of unmarried people.

But there are as many stages and seasons to single adult life as there are for married adults.

I know because I’ve been in both camps, depending on where I am in the cycle of hope or despair and how I am working that out in my soul before God.

Therefore, I have a list of insights about single adults that I’d like to offer to church leaders.

While I was thrilled to get to know so many families, one wise woman saw the burnout coming.

She advised me to pray and ask God which of these families he was asking me to invest in.

Additionally, single adults need to be reminded that God has not withheld his very best from them if they remain unmarried.

He suggested I create an advisory board to help me evaluate my invitations and schedule.

The goal of the advisory board was to make sure I was not traveling too much.

Conversely, unmarried men and women are not the church’s workhorses.

As a new believer, I was in big demand as a new babysitting resource in the church.

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